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Originally Posted by HBspeed View Post
If you look at SCOTT26's response from to my post in another thread from today, an M model apparently is not in the cards...

Quote: (HBSpeed)
Cool presentation, I just watched it live. However nothing was said regarding an M model of the i8 which leads me to believe it will be a long time before any such information will be allowed out; not to mention an on sale date.

Guess that solidifies that my next sports car purchase will not be a BMW.

If you want to give such information to bring be back off the ledge however, I am all ears SCOTT26...

There will be no M model. An M i8 defeats the purpose of the car and of the stand-alone image of the BMWi brand.

This is the future of the Sports car in a sustainable era.

If I remember correctly there is an M-One project on the cards? And it is apparently not related to the i-brand?