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This car is right on the leading edge of where we ought to be going with vehicles. What a halo vehicle with which to trickle down the technology to the entire range of cars. Amazing concept and leadership. BRAVO!

This really puts BMW's decision to leave F1 in a brighter context. MB can have its SLS, Audi its R8..the i8 will make both look like obsolete dinosaurs.

The only drawback is this, more than dual clutches and consumer preferences, really does spell the end of the manual transmission. I imagine it would be next to impossible for the car to coordinate the gas and electric propulsion systems if it did not have control over what gear the car is in.

Amazing tour de force of vision backed up with implementation. With those fuel economy numbers, I don't think we are going to miss the diesel engine, and without the diesel, market acceptance may be greater...and open the door for diesels in the future.