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Surprisingly the changes for production are very little. If you compare the i8 against the Vision Efficient Dynamics. Look at it and you can see the more viable "production"
areas that have been progressed from the Vision Efficient Dynamics in terms of meeting crash-safety legislation , especially at the front end which has been crash-tested and around the a-Pillars where it looks more structural.
The changes are apparent over the Vision Efficient Dynamics as this could not carried over to production.

The see-through doors will not make production but will be replaced by a carbon panel. Which in order for customers to personalize their i8 we will offer a personalisation programme for your i8 and i3. So you can have the door panels in color , contrasting color or plain carbon material. The doors will open in the same way as the "butterfly effect" Vision Efficient Dynamics and the i8 Concepts though.

The i3 will be the first BMW to offer rear-hinged doors ala MINI and Rolls-Royce. In the interior it is not different to visualize the appearance of both Concept and production
To further showcase it's individuality. BMWi will offer a very futuristic setting as shown here. colors and materials will be of concept appearance it will not resemble a typical road car, everything with BMWi such as switchgear , instrument graphics and specific materials will not be shared with any other BMW.

Incase you had a case of deja vu at the venue - Yes it is BMW's Frankfurt hall from 2009 being resurrected for 2011 and this September's IAA which includes the pioneer of the original concept of an indoor track continuing the idea for this years IAA, With Audi and Mercedes-Benz now begun construction on their indoor and outdoor venues at the Frankfurt Messe.

Was asked the most stupid question today .... " what if the driver wants to jack off whilst in a traffic jam?" "Wont the public see through the exposed glass?"
My reply was " I do not know anybody who has or had the notion to masturbate in their car and I do not think I would want to"
Step 1.