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Originally Posted by footie View Post
The hint is in the name 'citycar', forget about think of this car as anything else, it's for tootling around town/city and nothing more. The 100 mile range basically means you can either travel up to that distance if you are going to stay over in order to recharge it's batteries or up to half of that range on a return trip.

Frankly 30k for this is mental, a toy for the filthy rich to make them feel like they are doing their bit towards the planet. Now if BMW put the technology of their i8 into a saloon instead of a sportscar then I will sit up and listen because without the ability to charge on the move the uses for electric cars are very limited to the majority.

There has been details released on the i3 that indicate it will come with an 'available' REx module that will allow the battery to charge while on the move. This means the range can be extended by a substantial amount by allowing the i3 to be used in a similar fashion to current petrol powered vehicles.