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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
im sorry, but did someone say the i8 was going to be 160k? what the fuck? i thought these were supposed to be affordable cars... i was expecting under the 90k range...

fawk this! ill stick to my M and continue to murder the planet. If cops can keep their cars on all day all night, then I dont give a fuck either.
You are mistaken about the "i" cars being "affordable". That has never been the claim. BMW is a premium manufacturer. These cars are all carbon fiber with aluminum frames and have the latest electronics, they will not be cheap. The "i" division is a sub-brand like the "M" cars are. They are premium cars that are marketed to buyers that are concerned about sustainable personal transportation, both in manufacturing the vehicle and maintaining it. There is a large(and growing) market for this and BMW would be foolish(luckily they are not) to ignore it. Don't worry, you can continue to "murder the planet" as you say. Nobody's taking your oil burner away from you.......yet