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Originally Posted by dpwr View Post
what market are you talking about? I see that chevy volt commercial 10 times a day but I have yet to see one on the road... they are out of their mind pricing it at "starting price" 42g's in canada, few options and you're at 50g's.... I just did a lease quote on chevy volt, with $3000 discount it's $1010/month for 36months... that's more then my 5er with navi
SO now you're comparing a chevy to a BMW in the premium market? Of course you don't see any in Toronto, they haven't been available for sale there. GM only released them in about six states here in the US because they couldn't make them fast enough for a full release. Most people here in the states have had them on order for over a year before they get it. They are all pre-sold.

Still- I never brought up the Volt, most Chevy customers aren't used to paying 40k+ unless it's a huge SUV or a Vette. BMW customers are, it's a premium brand. Maybe you don't factor in sustainability when you look at your next vehicle but whether or not you believe me there are a lot of people that do and that segment is growing. Why do you think BMW is right now installing a wind farm to power the Lepzig plant or why they are built their carbon fiber plant in Lake Moses, WA which uses 100% hydro power for all of it's electricity. Why do you think they are starting to use recycled materials for vehicle interiors? BMW is one hell of a smart company, they know where the market is going. Recently, BMW CEO Dr. Norbert Reithofer said "In the future, premium will also be defined by sustainability" These two cars are the start of that philosophy.