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yah that's crazy, fuel saving must be huge if they're selling out like that...

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I didn't know they started selling the volt in Canada yet, sorry. Here in the US it's still not available in every state(less than half) and people are flying to states that do have it and driving it home. Demand has died down a bit, but still outpaces the supply and in the beginning(last spring) there were about 10,000 people that had advanced reservations and waited up to 8 months to get theirs. People were paying $5,000 OVER MSRP (Crazy, I would never I don't care hot limited supply it was) and driving across states to get one. GM just told the dealers they could sell their mandated demos (GM made the dealers keep one in stock as a demo for test drives) because they cannot make them fast enough to keep up with the orders. Here is a link about it:

BMW is publicly saying they plan on selling 30,000 i3's per year, but privately many in the company think the number will be closer to 50,000. We'll see when they hit the showrooms in 2013.