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Originally Posted by delvek View Post
Hate to piss on a parade but his is "required" R&D. This will never be a mainstream production and the price point will be ridiculous. They havent done "well done", really none of them have. I for one am not a big fan of alternate power in my driveway because I havent seen anything worth a crap. Until they start getting serious about it then who would want to drive these "look at us" cars.

I agree ... slap a hog of a V10 in it and call it WUNDERBAR!
You're not pissing on a parade, just revealing your own ignorance.

Hybrid cars, or some other alternative power source, will be mainstream in less than 10 years. Sure, the first performance hybrids (BMW/Porsche/Jaguar) will be expensive and perhaps not a perfect compromise, but technology improves. BMW has to develop in this area because if they "just slap in a huge V10" they'll be left behind in the development stakes.

Large* thirsty NA cars will become a thing of the past. There will probably be a market for them for a long time but it'll be enthusiast only.

Don't believe me? Read up on global oil production/demand.

*Edit - Sorry, I meant large capacity thirsty NA cars

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