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Originally Posted by delvek View Post
Hate to piss on a parade but his is "required" R&D. This will never be a mainstream production and the price point will be ridiculous.
Never is a very very long time... The i8 is the perfect car to develop these technologies on, because at least they are not 'pretending' to save the planet like the prius or other so called budget hybrid cars are, causing more harm than good.

Originally Posted by InquisitiveA View Post
Hybrid cars, or some other alternative power source, will be mainstream in less than 10 years.
10 Years, keep dreaming... With todays supply and demand, and I cant see that being any better in 10 years time, if hybrids managed to steal 1/6 of annual sales from diesel powered cars, they would totally price themselves out of the market, never mind including petrol powered vehicles.... Thus bringing home the true unequivocal sense of the word; SUSTAINABLE.

The world simply does not have enough resources for there to be one single solution to the energy crisis, as usual its a balance of technologies that will win this fight, a fight BMW is IMHO is leading with above I models...