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The specs of this car does not bother me at all.

10 years ago, how many hybrids were there? Likely it was a single digit number. I recall only the Insight and Prius. Now you have hybrid versions of the 3, 5, 7, and X6. The difference is that luxury car makers understand their battery powered cars have to be FAST.

Lexus says there will be no V8 option for their new GS. The hybrid is the top of the line one now. I tease my Dad and call his GS450h a big Camry. That car is a lot faster than you think. I agree with the gentleman that says the automotive landscape in terms of what powers are vehicle will be different in 10 years. There is currently 65 hybrid vehicles on sale not including the 3er and 5er. That excludes the 12+ announced cars for next year. Battery tech is still growing. More competition means better innovation. Tesla will give u a 300mi range out of a charge but its expensive as all hell in the Model S. In 10 years maybe an BMW i3 can get that a fraction of the cost.

They don't have to be boring. BMW will be one of the many trying to change that.
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