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The i8 Concept Car is 97% the finished article.
If you take the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept car and compare the i8 Concept you can see that there has been development in preparing the car for production such as the reconfigured nose which has been modified and tested for crash testing.

The genius of the i8 is that it is completely stand-alone and projects a very exciting image for future sustainable mobility. Especially when the competition have only electrified their own sports cars and not brought anything innovative or trend-setting as the i8.

The i8's powertrain shows how future performance can still be relevant in years and years to come. i8 does not need or will get a V8 or V10 because it then defeats the entire purpose of the car and the BMWi brand.
As a hybrid it is still a fast and performance orientated car and is the perfect halo car for BMW as the leading manufacturer in sustainable technology.
It is the Vision of BMW adapting itself to the future of motoring.
Step 1.