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Originally Posted by FFPM View Post
I really hope so but letś not forget God is in the details and if those 3% difference is in the 1ser shark fin and side mirrors, gas tank cover, lack of glass gullwing doorś, glass housing for the front headlights,regular M wheels, etc than no matter how much bmw marketing tries to sell us the "halo car" it wont look that much different from the allready well established competition out there.
There is a great deal of camouflage on the body and around the front end of the car. The unique gullwing doors aswell as the rear hinged doors on the BMW i3 will make production reality.

The i8 is not only about looking different. It is different. Audi and Mercedes-Benz will offer you the R8 and SLS AMG electrified. Whereas presented with the choice of these two they are more likely to go with the petrol powered models. BMW will only offer the i8 with this hybrid drivetrain with range extended three cylinder , so it will be more more unique ,more innovative and individual. With the Audi and Mercedes-Benz you have seen it before , i8 is bringing a future and a new chapter which are rivals have completely overlooked that in order to sell the idea of "sustainable mobility" they have to be like nothing else on the market , something i3 and i8 will demonstrate.
Step 1.