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Originally Posted by Ateam
This is by far the best looking bmw I have seen in awhile and possibly the best looking protype stage I have ever seen. Really a waste of a great looking car.

Could someone explain to me the point of this car? 3300 pounds is not exactly a lightweight if the point was economy.

What is the expected mileage of this thing?

Don't car companies get that making electricity flow takes burning fossil fuels just like cars do

I am so sick of this disguised energy loss. 99 percent of peopel think hydrogen fueled cars and electric are so green and saves us all oil and gas. Nobody understands it takes energy, oil and fossil fuels that make up gas, to actually produce electricity and get it to flow out across the grid! It also takes ALOT of burned fossil fuels and oil to liquify hydrogen gas into liquid that is needed to be stored in tanks in a hydrogen car.

The ONLY "free" energy that does not rely on oil is wind/turbine and nuclear. I wish they would make a nuclear powered car. That would be sick! I can see htis would not sell well however!!

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