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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
Thank you for your post... it was honest and accurate.

The next step is hydrogen in on way or another. Energy is stored in one media or another whether it is oil coal or batteries, hydrogen is the next step as a storage media for renewable energy. Take wind power, a well, electrolysis and produce hydrogen which can be burned cleanly and in this manner is renewable.... the question is whether it is combustion or fuel cell and how can this be interpreted to society as a whole.

That is why plugin hybrids make the most sense for the short term, they can use energy that is being produced anyways (plants still run at night and most people charge then) and the current infrastructure with minor mods can accept them.

Germany since it has announced decommissioning the nuclear plants early has gone full on with green energy and there are some things that will come out of it. Notably the idea of storing wind energy as hydrogen gas.

Wind Power Storage: It’s A Gas
by Pete Danko, November 23rd, 2011

The idea of storing excess wind energy as hydrogen is picking up steam in Germany, with a second pilot program popping up – this one from the big power company E.On. But there’s a key difference between the two projects: In Herten, Germany, the company Hydrogenics plans to use power from a wind plant to electrolyze water to produce hydrogen that will be stored and later used in fuel cells to provide power. E.On also intends to use wind to produce hydrogen by electrolysis, but then the hydrogen “will be fed into the Ontras gas pipeline system and be used like normal natural gas,” the company said.
I agree that hydrogen is where money should be invested. I disagree that electric vehicles/hybrid electric is the best stop-gap solution. I also worry that the MASSIVE investment that companies are making in electric, coupled with rebates/incentives/tax breaks, could actually undermine development of hydrogen vehicles.