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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
I agree that hydrogen is where money should be invested. I disagree that electric vehicles/hybrid electric is the best stop-gap solution. I also worry that the MASSIVE investment that companies are making in electric, coupled with rebates/incentives/tax breaks, could actually undermine development of hydrogen vehicles.
What would you say is the best stop gap? The infrastructure is the big issue. BMW for one has the tech for hydrogen combustion and storage and has been working of fuel cells (recently signed an agreement with GM as well on FCs).

The problem with hydrogen is making it effectively, storing it and dispensing it and it will be some time before that happens. Look at the E85 roll out (not a supporter of that at all) that took ages with subsidies and really only needed new pumping equipment. Hydrogen is going to require massive capital, newly designed pumping stations- storage that is secure and a lot of marketing to promote it is safe rather than Hindenburg (paint was the bigger cause there).