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Originally Posted by Spaceman Spiff View Post
Because it then defeats the single purpose of the BMWi philosophy. "Born Electric" If it is made to be a V8 or V10 super sports car it then loses its lustre , innovation and purpose.
It will then join a market where the vanity lasts for fifteen minutes before the next one comes along.

The i8 is a one of a kind concept , it is for one purpose and that it is to prove how excitement and performance can work with alternative drive.
Everything about the i8 is exclusive to the i8. This is not another variant from an expansive platform. Nor, is it just an electrified sports car.
This is innovation and creativity at the highest level and the i8 aims to prove that a lightweight electrifed sports car can be as fast an M3 and certainly innovative to give established sports cars a fright - This thing is fast and the dynamics and steering in rough format are proving to be sports car worthy.

And like most sports cars BMW will offer you the i8 in Coupe or Spyder format. Which will open the i8 experience for warmer climates.
The BMW i8 will be a car that does not look like and drives like no other BMW, or any other car for that matter and that is what it makes it exciting!
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