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2000 M Roadster (sold), 2006 M Coupe (sold)

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are you guys serious? the posts so far are pretty funny.

1) this is not meant to be a super sports car, but rather a car that the upper class can buy and still feel good about the environment, compared to buying their Prius. What do you think Brad Pitt would rather be seen driving?

2) 10,000 does seem like a pretty high number considering something like the M Coupe/Roadster only sold about 2,000 during its entire production!

3) There shouldn't be an M Version of this, as another person said, its called the M6!

4) 0-60 in 4.9 if it is truly using all that max power and AWD while only weighing 3200 lbs, it will be much quicker, like 4.2, but I have a feeling it can't use all that power at once.

The real reason BMW is making this isn't to make money but to get their Fleet MPG up so they can continue making monster M5/M3 products

and NLPAMG, this car was not made for you (and is a totally different customer base than a M6 Gran Coupe)