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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
When I mean 15 minutes - Sports cars are a trend, if they are not a Porsche or Ferrari then they get very little time in the spotlight , Warhol said everybody gets fifteen minutes of fame and so do sports cars.
The R8 and SLS AMG are in this sense yesterday's cars, now the main talking point of high end sports cars is the intensively beautiful Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

The BMWi8 is the alternative to alternative. It is described as a sports car in progression. It looks different , performs different but is not a classic interpretation of a sports car.
BMW i8 is seen as a new icon for a new age. We very much live under threat that further laws and regulations can pull the Sports car market from under our feet and the i8 is developed with that kind of mindset - What if?
i8 is all about a progression of alternate drive , for the car to stand out and sell then it has to look like nothing else which it does ,and has to perform like nothing else , which again, it does.

The i8 is not a BMW in the definition as we know a BMW. It is revolution and rebirth, it is all about creating the symbols that define a BMW but with alterntive Drive. That is why the i8 will be nothing like any other BMW you have driven before, and that is where the anticipation begins.
And that is how success is generated , creativity from the ground up, something BMWi will be showcasing within every model.
I don't always agree with your view but I am in full agreement with this i8- it is an entirely different animal and should not be judged by the past "super cars". I say "super cars" in quotes bc if the R8 is one, then so is the M3.

This is a new product establishing a new market- Porsche quickly followed and will have on hell of a alternative super car of their own. BMW best do a little more R&D to give this thing a little more umph or it may be a two year wonder and then fall on its face- I say that as a fan. The problem is- to quote Ricky Bobby "I f you ain't first you're last" that goes for being first to market and first for performance; the first to market is always surpassed by the fastest unless it is close and the Porsche is going to be a beast although a little less "green".