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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
I don't always agree with your view but I am in full agreement with this i8- it is an entirely different animal and should not be judged by the past "super cars". I say "super cars" in quotes bc if the R8 is one, then so is the M3.

This is a new product establishing a new market- Porsche quickly followed and will have on hell of a alternative super car of their own. BMW best do a little more R&D to give this thing a little more umph or it may be a two year wonder and then fall on its face- I say that as a fan. The problem is- to quote Ricky Bobby "I f you ain't first you're last" that goes for being first to market and first for performance; the first to market is always surpassed by the fastest unless it is close and the Porsche is going to be a beast although a little less "green".

You're not seriously comparing the i8 to the 918, are you?

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