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Originally Posted by EdwinF10 View Post
15 minutes, right?
The R8 transformed the image of the Audi brand. The SLS got Merc back in Ferrari territory.

OT: I do agree that the i8 could be a brilliant innovative new direction by BMW.
Touché. But everybody in the industry knows what the R8 truly is - A Lamborghini in an Audi dress . It might have attained an image for Audi. But Audi remains a cross-dressing brand. Audi is a bit like a French restaurant "The proof is in the eating" and the majority of Audi's on the back of the R8 have been pretty average at best.
In Geneva - an Audi marketing counterpart mentioned briefly the reports to the next M3 returning to a six when the RS 4 is a V8.

In the industry we normally do our "Back stabbing" walking from stand-stand.
The RS 4 might have a V8 but it is still an A4. Like the RS 5 is still an A5 and still is not even close to the current E92 M3. The new F31 is again like the sedan counterpart going to leave the A4 Avant behind. And just to make another point - The E91 still does too.

The SLS AMG is perhaps the best looking Mercedes-Benz today , clean and very efficient in design simplicity. The launch of the SLS AMG came at the same time as the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Ferrari received the plaudits over the SLS AMG as was expected. It might have taken Mercedes-Benz back to Ferrari territory but it still is no Ferrari. I give credit, as the SLS AMG is a better car than the SLR-McLaren Disco Express - An automotive equivalent of a twelve-inch remix no-one wanted , again lost between the Carerra GT and the Ferrari Enzo.
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