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Originally Posted by Diver View Post
The 104 mpg is BS. It is based on CO2 output with the assumption none or very little of the electricity is generated from burning coal. It's just a government trick to push electric cars.
I agree and disagree with you. I agree because there is really no clean energy in the US. It is really sad that our government is in a business with those oil companies... I am disappointed that the politicians are really just politicians. They only want two things: votes and cash.

Anyway, I also disagree with you because in Europe and Canada, there are a lot of renewable energies. Wind power, solar power, ocean power, etc. No, the technologies are still not mature yet, but I totally encourage it because if we, the human kind, don't even try to develop it, then it will never have progress. I also hope that American can follow those "leaders" very soon.

The question about i8 is the battery it uses. I remember that I read an article about the electric cars' battery. Most hybrid cars(Prius) use one single huge battery. The problem is that after 5 years when the battery need to be changed, it is hard to recycle the battery which is totally not green. In another article, it says that BMWi is using a different kind of technology. I think it combines a lot of smaller size batteries into one battery so it can be recycle easily. It is a little bit like... MacBook Air's battery? I don't know. Maybe I remember it wrong, so don't start a fight over this.

I just hope that i8 is a truly green vehicle so that it can be a leader/model in the industry.