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Originally Posted by ATX78703 View Post

i'm not sure what the target audience is, something like "i'm going to spend over $100K on a car, style is a priority, uniqueness is a major priority, i want to feel good about the environment by driving some sort of hybrid (but i don't believe in the environment so much that i would drive a prius), speed is impt but not that impt and of course, practicality is completely out-the-window."

Not really sure I know or would ever meet somebody who fell into that audience. But I am pretty sure that the petrol powered rear-axle and an electric-powered front axle setup for the 2015 NSX will absolutely eat this thing for lunch.
Funny as life turns out, I am one of these people you will never meet that falls into this audience. However I would tell you, I am not an environmentalist. I just love the looks of this car (and the i8 coupe). The fact that it is a hybrid is just a somewhat interesting side-note for me. The reason I would never own a Prius is because (in my humble opinion of course) it is slow, ugly, completely bland, and has the most undesirable interior I've ever seen in a car. And it's not German or Italian

Personally I think the design of this car is beautiful, and looks like it belongs in the future. So for me, it's the looks and the technology of this car that are so sexy. I'd pay that premium even though there are cars that can outperform it. There are reasons to buy a car like this beyond pure performance - but it is true, to buy a car like this I think one must have a desire to own something unique and interesting. And own other cars to satisfy the practicality requirement.

I think this is the most beautiful and interesting production BMW since the 850Ci of the mid-90's, the car that made me fall in love with BMW as a kid. Of course, the purpose of the i8 compared to the 850Ci is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Can't wait for the pricing to be announced