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The key thing to remember about BMWi is , yes the cars are the main focus but the whole brand embodies the infrastructure that will support the cars also. It is dis-heartening to read poorly represented media articles about BMWi when they fail to acknowledge the infrastructure that surrounds the cars.

BMWi is not just four wheels , as seen with the BMWi Pedelec it emcompasses two wheels now, and very soon BMW will show another form of mobility think BMWi meets a Sedgeway.
The BMW i3 and BMW i8 are like the automotive equivalents of that must have gadget think an ipad or indeed one such item I bought myself was a Sportwatch from Suunto which not only tells the time but features wifi, multiple exercise programmes and navigation capability via GPS.
Do I need it? no... but it looked a very good piece of design , something that some customers of the BMW i3 and i8 will be attracted to more so than the drivetrain for the same reason people buy ipads and other forms of gadgetry.

Commercially BMWi is not about volume , projections are not as high as some think and are no where near 100,000 units.
We can use 100,000 as a figure of combined BMWi projections if there was a full range of cars available then 100,000 units combined would be more realistic. There are lots of ideas within BMWi in relation to future products for the brand but the current priority is readying the manufacturing facility and developing the BMW i3 and the BMW i8 and i8 Spyder for production reality. Once these hurdles are by with then we can talk about volume and future models.
Step 1.