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Originally Posted by PaneristiDriver View Post
It will attract the same niche buyer for the most part. People who want a sporty hybrid that looks better than the other junk out there.
The Tesla got crushed in a comparo with a Boxster S. The Boxster not only walked it after 60 mph but embarassed it in handling and track times. So yea, youre going to pay 150K for a car with that looks the part but cant back it up with actual performance.
I'm not defending the quality of the Tesla Roadster and I agree with the points you make but as I mentioned, once the BIG names get into this market it will not be a "Niche" market for long.

I worked for a time management/payroll company and Tesla was one of our clients and I can tell you, that company has a boatload of issues starting with some rather inept management, supply chain issues and overindulgent executives. The i8 will blow the Tesla roadster out of the water.