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Originally Posted by Rich@GTBPerformance
Originally Posted by PaneristiDriver View Post
It will attract the same niche buyer for the most part. People who want a sporty hybrid that looks better than the other junk out there.
The Tesla got crushed in a comparo with a Boxster S. The Boxster not only walked it after 60 mph but embarassed it in handling and track times. So yea, youre going to pay 150K for a car with that looks the part but cant back it up with actual performance.
I'm not defending the quality of the Tesla Roadster and I agree with the points you make but as I mentioned, once the BIG names get into this market it will not be a "Niche" market for long.

I worked for a time management/payroll company and Tesla was one of our clients and I can tell you, that company has a boatload of issues starting with some rather inept management, supply chain issues and overindulgent executives. The i8 will blow the Tesla roadster out of the water.
Fair enough, however the same boxster s that beat the tesla will do the same thing to this upcoming i8. It will embarrass it when it comes to performance and handling and does it while costing half and still getting 30 plus mpg.
The i8 only has a range of 20 miles, which is a joke and doubt the performance will be anything to write home about.
IMO its going to be a poser hybrid. Again, looks pretty good (it's no porsche 918 though) but doesn't have performance to back it up.