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Originally Posted by muskamatt View Post
What's the range on these again? And how long to charge?
In California, the company I work for is putting up over 200 charging stations over the next couple of years (you may have seen what company in the news, it was part of a settlement with the state). To fully charge the car, it takes about an hour. Also for home use, you have to have a charging station put somewhere outside your home. I know in Texas they have charging stations where you pay a fee every month for access to use them.

Two people at my company here in NJ currently own this car and are able to charge it here for free since we are a distributor for charging stations (among other things we do involving energy). I actually pass one of the owners every morning on my way to work on the Turnpike here in NJ. The president of my company owns 3 electric cars with the Tesla S, Fisker Karma, and I forget the other one.

The price on these are also kind of out there right now with them being around $100k I believe (think it is actually more).

I'm not posting up the company I work for because it would be advertising for them and would be against forum rules.