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Originally Posted by muskamatt View Post
I just can't believe it's 4000 pounds. The 7 prototype probably weighs 7000 pounds!

If that thing lost 800 pounds it would be much easier to move!
And that is why BMW is creating BMWi as "born electric" using lightweight materials. Shoehorning an electric drivetrain in a typical chassis doesn't work as well as it could because of the weight. Tesla packaged their first products in a ICE chassis and now have an ground up build in the Model S- huge improvements.

The ActiveE is still a "beta" product hence why it is not for sale- they are testing in a field trial for the i3. The MINI E started the process- lots of advances were made from that test and more will come from the ActiveE.

The i3 will be about 800lbs lighter

The next generation 7 will use carbon fiber and aluminum to drastically reduce the chassis weight and if the study with the prototype warrants the next chassis to accept electrification than it will be incorporated. They can run the numbers and calculate projections with the anticipated weight loss: chassis will be 400lbs lighter will yield X more miles etc.