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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
For an around-town only car, it seems both expensive and unattractive. Hell, they got rid of the very thing that made the car cool: the futuristic interior. Here I was ready to almost be George Jetson. Not now; there's no chance in hell I'd consider buying that ugly, boring thing now. The cache is gone and there's not nearly enough places to recharge the thing. I live in downtown DC and were I to drive 100 miles in any direction except north, I'd be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

It's an all electric/electronic car. Why does it need to look like a conventional car?

we still dont know what detailing and styling it will take on the outside and any futuristic lines and alloys. inside could still yet be upgraded to become more futuristic. already that screen looks quite large which can be cool.

i live in london UK and places to charge your car electronically are slowly getting better, but still scattered around sparsely. i wouldve thought the US would've been far ahead us on this count....