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Originally Posted by bmw8 View Post
I understand the revolutionary innovations and all, but where are the key BMW design elements? Why are there no L-shaped lights in the rear? Why are there no angel-eyes/corona lights? Where is the hofmeister kink? The list goes on and on. This looks like a toyota concept... The i8 is nice though
I recommend that you go back and watch the original BMW i design philosophy on the Feb.11 premiere with Adrian VanHooydunk as it is specifically stated that BMW i will not use any aspect of BMW design elements in some models. The rear lights for example will be u-shaped and the body work will not feature on any other BMW.

BMW i is a sub brand of BMW and are not limited by constraints of power , technology and design as other core BMW models.
Every BMW i model is conceived to be entirely individual in everyway possible this is not a current BMW product electrified. This is about utilising creativity in a new direction and revolutionising a tried and tested concept for a sustainable era. With the i8 and i3 customers will not get a choice between a regular production car with either petrol or diesel or an electrified version as an additional model , something our competitors have done.

The i8 and i3 are conceived to be individual in everyway and not be identified as a regular BMW but bring that BMW driving experience , BMW values and that creativity to something new.
The i8 even in its current development phase is absolutely mind blowing, its fast powerful and extremely light and absolutely striking in its sharp high tech suit. The i8 Spyder is the definite approch to how the production car will look.
But with the i8 it is easily possible to forget about the i3 but again that is proving to be a very nimble car and nothing short of revolutionary, and now we are testing REX (Range-Extended models) models that aim to combine more appeal into the car's everyday usability.
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