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Just as the BMW i8 Concept Spyder brought a more realistic production appearance to the i8 comes the more realistic production look of the BMW i3.

The i3 Coupe Concept not only previews the final exterior look of the car but 90% of the interior as well. Like the i8 and the other BMW i cars there will be a distinctive futuristic look in material finish and design for the interiors to combine with the modern exterior appearance.

The BMW i cars further express their lightweight intentions by extensive glass and minmalistic surfaces. underneath their CFRP bodies.
The BMW i3 comes as a five dr first with as a first for a BMW rear hinged doors. The safety of the i3 is testament to its CFRP bodyshell which does without its B-Pillar for added expression of light and a spatial feel.
Despite its lack of B-Pillar the i3 is structurally intact in order to perform well in an accident.

The final appearance of the i3 is expressive combining string lines and clean surfaces offering modern futuristic minimalsitic appearance.
For a car in amongst its competition the i3 in prototype form is proving to be not only very refined but also there is a fair amount of BMW-dynasm to keep the keen driver interested thanks to its very throwable lightweight body, despite being an electric car the i3 loves corners.
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