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Car looks good! I like it.

What is awesome with this car:
-Lighweight, use of carbon-fibre and carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP)
-170hp / 184 lb-ft torque. (Always availabe!)
-Low center of gravity (batteries under the floor)
-Useable back-seats and no b-pillar
-Tyres measuring 155/60 R20 at the front and 175/55 R20 at the rear (makes it feel alive and sporty with that kind of power. Power to rubber ratio/grip is great)
-Weight distribution is probably very good.

^Awesome sports-car recipe!

Less good:
-range of 100miles/160km (not bad, but not very good either- basically as anticipated )

- NO SPORT, or SPORT+ modes

-I have a bad feeling electronics cant be turned properly off and that it generally will not be that sporty driving it on the edge. I fear it will only be good driving it at 8/10ths and not 9-10/10ths..
This could easily be solved by BMW engineers tough..

BMW PLEASE make this an car into an option for those who want a sporty car too.
1- Give it sport mode! (with good steering feel and optimum throttle response and power) /or give it sport suspension and good steering feel.
2- Possibility to turn all electronics completely off
3- No 1-wheel drive problems (some sort of e-LSD)

This car have so much potential as a sporty car, but yet they can so easily ruin it by not fixing that little list above, which seem to be mostly software if the chassis is good. It have many of the same attributes as the Toyota GT86 and BMW E30 M3, only in a electric eco friendly city-style car. :P
If they don't ruin it, and make it appeal to the more "hardcore/entusiast/sportscar driver" on top of the assumed customers than this car could have a much larger market!
I would probably be among the customers on the waiting list if they don't mess it up and gets it into production soon.

Norway is currently a huge market for EV cars with good incentives and low prices on EV cars and extreme prices on normal cars.
In October Nissan Leaf was recently among the top 10 best selling cars, and they are taking more and more market shares every month. We have over 1000 orders on the Tesla Model S, even though almost nobody have driven them and despite our low population.

Combine US California with Norway, and this would probably sell 3000++ units in just those two places within first 12 months. At least if its made right and production starts soon. Would easily sell for 50.000+ USD here.

Jason and Scott26. Is there a possibility this car could make me a happy customer and suit other sport-car enthusiasts too?

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