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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
WTF? That is a joke, no?

Even worse compare it to the M3 E30 or GT86? That is blasphemy.

-Weight, probably much closer to E30 M3 than modern M cars. (rumors have earlier said 1250kg. Lower would just be more awesome)
-RWD (which is becoming more and more rare these days it seem)
-170hp / 184 lb-ft torque. Compared to M3/GT86, less HP but more torque. Both power and torque and available right away. Average power in those cars between 3000rpm to redline is probably lower than in the i3.
-Power to weight ratio is probably quite similar to those cars.
-Low center of gravity (a great selling point for the GT86)
-Probably great throttle response (Might be closer to E30 M3 throttle response than to modern turboed M-cars)
-Useable back-seats (better back seats than GT86. Probably same space as E30 M3)
-Skinny low grip eco tires. (same "philosophy" as GT86. But i3 probably have a higher/better power to grip ratio. Easier to break loose tires)
-Weight distribution is probably great like those cars.

Yeah. I know its absurd to compare a high-raised-city-electric-eco-vehicle without any track performance in mind to those sports-cars. But in many ways. The i3 coupe shares a lot of attributes with the E30 M3 and GT86.

Lets compare 1M coupe and i3 and see which is closer to E30 M3 in the following areas:

Built to be a light weight: i3 win
Weight: i3 win
Power: i3 win
Power to weight ratio: i3 win
Throttle response: i3 (assumed) win
Tire width: i3 win
Ability to be driven on the edge (of grip) on the streets: i3 win

This just shows how far away modern M cars have gone from the E30 M3.
Im not saying the i3 is a sports car, a performance car, or anything in that caliber.. Just saying that it has some good fundaments for a sports car. Some of which are quite close to E30 M3 and the highly praised GT86.

If the the i3 is driftable than I see a lot of potential.