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Originally Posted by KSERGEI-BY View Post
Im sorry but for some reason I really hate 2-spoke weels, and citro is the 1st what came in mind. Among other things that I really found not that different.

Question is - do you really like what you see in this pictures? I just dont. I actually like many current bmw's and Im ok with hatchbacks (for ex Audi A1 is ok for me).
I really do. I like it a lot. I love modern, minimalist design. The house behind the car in this press photo is pretty much my dream home:

I love the way BMW breaks up the exterior panels, but still manages to keep a minimalist feel (they avoid it becoming busy). I do think calling it a coupe is a misnomer. Shame on BMW for engaging in the misuse of the term, but it's all over the place. I'm not crazy about the format (city car) in general, but I think this is an attractive and modern example. It looks like a hatchback with the same "coupe" (blegh) treatment given to the X6 SAV.

On the inside, I think it's stunning. I don't really have an opinion on two-spoke steering wheels, but in general, people tend to prefer spokes in odd numbers. The "odd number" rule applies to a lot of design decisions, so I can definitely understand the dislike there; I just don't share it. What I love about the interior is the juxtaposition of angular design, minimalism, and natural textures. Plenty of BMW interiors have featured wood panels, but none have featured them with an open edge, giving a shelf like appearance. It reminds me of this famous wood lounge chair designed by Charles and Ray Eams.

The overall effect is that this car is from the future. I don't know what year they intend to put it in to production, but if it's anywhere this side of 2020, it will be ahead of its time design wise.

EDIT: I see from your signature that you're an E36 owner. The E36 was a very handsome car, IMO, but it follows the 3-box form pretty closely. There are plenty of examples of great design with 3-box styling, but the form has been around for a long time. This design is a complete departure, so it wouldn't surprise me to hear that people who prefer 3-box don't like the new designs.
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