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The only problem with the i8 Spyder, for me, is to decide which one I like more, the Spyder or the Coupe? The next problem is, how do I order one?

Seriously love both of these cars. Could care less about the i3, but the futuristic/modern design on these cars is gorgeous. I hope the production version looks close to this in design.

As far as performance, I'm not bothered. I'm sure it will drive, handle, and feel like a BMW. Not too long ago 0-60 in 5 seconds wasn't too shabby, and I bet this car will be quite sporty.

It looks like a perfect car for a leisurely cruise "on the town" or road trip up the coast alongside the ocean.

And it looks like NOTHING else on the road today and probably for some time. Great job BMW can't wait to own one of these.