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When I saw concept vehicle pictures, I was not a fan at all. I didn't like that the car was too round and fat and the wheels were too ugly, even though I knew would be different in production version.

My opinion has changed completely and I learned never to judge a car based on concept/drawings. I have a feeling that as far as looks, this car will be one of the best looking cars when it comes out, even though a lot is still hidden behind camo.

This car gives BMW a legit "super" car as far as price. Now BMW fans that were looking for an edge with an exclusive car that were forced to get Audi R8 or even SLS because M6 just doesn't have the same presence, have a BMW car to buy.

I don't have the money to buy a $150-200k car, but I'm very happy for BMW fans that do and were forced to leave BMW for exclusive/super cars of other brands.