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Originally Posted by smashhell View Post
Yeah the i8 doesn't have a 5.2L V8. But it doesn't cost a million dollar either.
I think it's really smart for BMW to put a small engine in the i8. To keep the car relatively affordable(Not a supercar or HyperCar price tag) While keeping the performance of a M3.

Because who is the competitor to the i8 anyway? No one. This is a new generation of cars and this is just a preview of things to come.
Don't get me wrong, I actually like the i8. I think it's something that moves the goalposts in many aspects. As you said, nobody else has anything to compete against it, and if it means that the lessons learned from it end up causing the 2018 M3 (M4 whatever...) to be 500 pounds lighter, then nobody else would be able to compete with that either.

The problem would be if people are not ready to have a 3 cylinder hybrid powered supercar, and then BMW will be forced to build even more atrocities like the 3GT's, with their inevitable evolution into the 1GT, 2GT, 7GT (or even worse an M5GT), to compensate for the losses. Keep in mind that according to BMW, that's what the buying public is asking for...