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Originally Posted by antzcrashing View Post
there are people that would buy this over an R8, I know that may be hard to believe, but think about it, if you are 47 years old and have been wealthy since 26, you might even be bored of super racecars and be interested in a change. Or it might be that 5th car in the garage that has always been the unique one.

This car will be more rare and sold in less quantities than the R8 or similar gas car, BMW knows that - part of the reason for this car is not to make huge profits on each sale, it is to build excitement for the i3 and i5 which will be sold in much higher volume.
So wrong. Where is then the true R8/SLS rival, that is to build excitement for the M3 and M5? I thought BMW did not want to build it because demand is low. For the price people would get a P-car or an F-car. Funnily though R8 sells so much, more than Gallardo probably.