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That car is so ugly not even Asians would buy it!
And let me tell you Asians buy some really ugly ass shit!
Have you seen skinny jeans? I mean really! WTF!
And don't get me started on that anime shit!

That car is so ugly it looks like it fell face first from the top of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down landed in a vat of acid and said ugly tree fell on it.....and then the ugly express crashed into the mess and there was a huge fire and no one cried. Not even the Asians…why?
Ah because it was an ugly car! And the Asian guys were too busy talking about how their skinny jeans were more skinny than the other Asians skinny jeans but all agreed that a anime was the shit.

God kill that thing with fire! Really! BIG BALLS OF FIRE!