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Originally Posted by BlackJetE90
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That funny, because just as I was returning home from running out to get takeout, I thought to myself, how silly it was to burn all this gas to run across town. A multi-fueled car would have been perfect.

In response to the post-20mile charge thing, I would imagine that you would be able to run in dual-mode once you exhaust the electric-only source. That only makes sense for practicality of the car.
Problem it is only sports car fast for ~20 miles. The power ratings they are touting are combined ratings. So once you exhaust the electric range, which has been said to be 20 miles. You are left with a $100,000+ sports car running a slow as piss 3-cylinder engine. The i8 needs a bigger gas engine to be called a sports car.
According to the article, it has 20 mile limit when running in electric only mode. If it is in hybrid mode, it would be pulling less from the battery so you would be able to enjoy the battery boost for much longer. Dont know how much longer, though. If it is like other hybrids, the battery would charge while driving, so you would enjoy full power until you run out of gas and switch to electric only.