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Originally Posted by Twhill19 View Post
Ok, but if you want to break into the "supercar" market...the i8 makes no sense.

Take perfect example from Porsche with the 918 Spyder, yes its hybrid, but it looks f'ing sickkkkk and it goes like hell
The problem with the 918 is that the hybrid system appears to be a token effort, the car would be just as good without it, and it would probably be 500kg's lighter (assuming the Porker would be similar to LaFerrari or MP4-12C, rather than 1700kg!), it's like Porsche designed a really cool supercar, then as an after thought, added a crap load of batteries. It's a totally different exercise than BMW are undertaking with BMW-i.

People need to dis-associate their hopes and dreams for a BMW supercar from BMW-i and the i8... the i8 is a halo car, for the BMW-i brand, it'll help shift i3's (and i1's and i5's or whatever they launch afterwards). It is not supposed to be competition for the R8, 458 etc. etc.

Personally I seriously doubt that i8 would ever have underpinned the 'M100' or whatever it could be called. The 'Life Drive' architecture is a good idea for a Hybrid, but must compromise what they could do with a much bigger engine and it's associated drive train.... maybe they could have done it, I don't know.. but to compromise at that level, just to get a supercar out quickly, would be stupid and would be more of a total cock-up than the original M1.