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Why does everyone keep bringing up super cars and the Porsche 918 when the BMW i8 is mentioned?

For one of the Porsche 918 you can buy probably six or seven i8 for you and your friends. The 918 and i8 are not rivals , neither is the R8 or SLS AMG. The BMW i8 does not have a direct competitor , so when it launches there will be nothing like it on the market for that price.

Think of the BMWi brand in the same way as Fisker and Tesla - Individuality in electric mobility although BMWi will be backed wholly by BMW the fore giving the customer that piece of mind that the rug is not about to be pulled from underneath them - ie Fisker.

BMWi is not just about cars the overall investment is a mobile lab that will benefit the whole of the BMW group. From manufacturing to design everything that begins with BMWi will filter across BMW and its sub-brands.
The overall investment that BMW have made on BMWi was when the competition were focusing on vanity. BMWs advantage is that they will be the first automotive brand to mass produce in high volume cost effective CFRP.

The upcoming BMW i3 is more than just a car it is an entire revolution , its a BMW through and through its agile and dynamic and the entire car convinces that it is indeed a new world. So far we have over 500 orders for the new i3 on the back of the Concepts.
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