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Why BMW Group's Project-i Thinktank for future sustainable mobility will maintain the Group's position as the worlds no 1 manufacturer of Premium Automobiles.

If MINI is Pop Culture , Rolls-Royce is classic and timeless and BMW is modern architecture. BMW "i" is Sci-fi future.

When BMW announced the Project-i Thinktank many factions were intrigued. BMW has since made a name for itself in regards to meeting strict C 02 targets and reducing fuel consumption in their products since early 2007. The BMW Group are the worlds no 1 Premium Automobile manufacturer as well as the leader in emission reductions .

BMW announced that Project-i will spawn a range of concepts that will range from two wheels to four and will be anything but conventional.
Of course when the Vision Efficient Dynamics debuted at the IAA in 2009 , jaws dropped and finally people could see who innovative and serious BMW are in relation to Sustainable future mobility. But some thought the concept was too adventurous for production until BMW pulled the carpet from under them and announced you will be able to buy this car.

Although the Vision Efficient Dynamics is in design format anything but conventional it lays the groundwork to what you can expect from Project-i . BMW are about to bring the future today as what you see in terms of design the Vision Efficient Dynamics is the signature language of Project-i . Ground breaking drivetrains clothed in high-tech design and functional areodynamics. That is the genesis of the BMW i sub-brand.


Although first on the road will be the highly anticipated and soon-to-be-seen MegaCity Vehicle. a stunning mobility concept for four - purely electric with a cutting edge interior and bodyshell made entirely out of carbon fibre. Space inside the interior is not compromised by the drivetrain and the interior is very spacious with wrap around glass for excellent visibility. Entry is accessible to the rear cabin via MINI/RR esque rear hinged doors.

The exterior is very much akin to the innovative Vision Efficient Dynamics in terms of design ideas , aerodynamics and appearance.


The Vision Efficient Dynamics production car will be very much what you see and you will be surprised at how the car will arrive for production with minimal changes. Using the term i8, the production car of the concept is not a competitor for premium sports cars such as the Audi R8 and Porsche 911 etc it is more of a Sports car concept for the future. A completely stand alone concept.

Although there have been cries of "needing a V8 , V10 etc" to do so defeats the ideals of the concept and turns it into another premium sports car. Although the Audi R8 etc have their attributes in the end of the day it is an interpretation of a sports car concept by the respective manufacturer. They offer the same image but in their own unique way.

BMW wants to use their interpretation as something entirely alien , something that has never been done before something that really stands out and not as a competitor but a pioneer. Afterall it is a BMW.

Another question to why does the Sports Car have four seats should it just be two? The answer to why four seats is in principle because people would simply pay you to get driven in the car and BMW drivers like sharing their experience with others so they would not want friends and family to miss out . Of course the Production car will feature four seats but further down the Project-i strategy there are plans for an i4 a two seater small sports car in the same idea as the i8 which could be based on the Megacity Vehicle and be purely electric or and as to why Mercedes-Benz have instigated a partnership with Ducatti the Superbike manufacturer.
Motorcycle engines.

BMW have and continue to test it's engines from Motorrad in car chassis's , Motor cycle engines are compact , very light and when connected to powerful electric motors extremely rapid including the new inline six. Should the MegaCity vehicle be well received then BMW might consider equipping the car with a motorcycle engine as a range extender. Although Project-i is also developing two cylinder engines.

In summary. BMWi is not going to be specially adapted additional series concepts but an entire series of models that will aim to offer their own identity and technology. So far you have only seen the Vision Efficient Dynamics and a sneak preview of the MegaCity Vehicle but it is your first look into a new era for BMW.

The new "Clothes" on the Vision Efficient Dynamics" are to bring it in line with a forthcoming BMW Project-i Concept car.

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