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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post

BMW needs a supercar, not a Prius with a $200k price tag.

"Although there have been cries of "needing a V8 , V10 etc" to do so defeats the ideals of the concept and turns it into another premium sports car."

If you think about it, BMW doesnt have one. They have the ///M cars, great, but nothing super exciting, they dont have a supercar. Mercedes has the SLS (and the old SLR), Audi has the R8, Porsche has the 911 (along with the old CGT) and the soon to release 918 hybrid. What does BMW have? Nothing that can compete. Its unfortunate, I like BMW, but when it comes to exciting exotics, they are not on any lists.
BMW could really use a 200K prius, think about how much money the Prius made for toyota, and its not even a great car, its mediocre in all categories except fuel efficiency.

BMW is placing their cards on the hybrid, electric, alternative excitement, hoping that it lasts. With a high performance car that is as attention getting or more than any Ferrari, BMW also satisfies strict emissions regulations and probably capitalizes on federal refunds and incentives. And if that was not attractive enough they re-establish themselves as the leading producer of fuel efficients cars (which they are already well known for). And this marketing sells more 1, 3, 5 series because they can advertise similar technologies introduced in the VED/i car such as regenerative brakes, aerodynamics, etc.

BMW is taking a risk that they environmental craze is here to stay, but it could pay off big down the road.