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Audi's R8, MB's SLS, etc all represent conventional weapons of the past. Making a supercar is easy. But making a sportscar that can outperform many other cars of the road, while at the same time pushing fuel efficiency to the limits, is not.

An E92 335i gets to 60 in about 5 seconds while achieving a little under 30mpg.

The i8 is projected to get to 60 in about 5 seconds. The difference is that it does this with half the fuel.

A Prius takes 9.8 seconds to get to sixty. A Prius handles like a log. And yet, the i8 should achieve equal if not better fuel efficiency.

The i8 is not only faster than any hybrid on the market today, but incorporates all the handling characteristics BMW is known for. How can you say this is wrong? BMW is going against the grain and doing something that no one else has done before. The BMW-i brand is one huge engineering exercise, just like the LF-A was for Toyota's engineers. Only this is not one car- but an entire brand. I would not be surprised if we saw technology from the i8 and other i-cars in BMW's other brands.

The potential for new technology and a completely new way of thinking is enormous with the advent if the BMW-i brand. I applaud BMW for having the balls to do something that other manufacturers scoff at as impossible.
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