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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Do not forget:

We can see 8 is the flagship number and ther are "going" to be 3 of them:
BMW i flagship: BMW i8: It is as we already know the Vision Efficient Dynamics, a sort of coupé with four places, fast, futuristic, ecologic.
BMW flagship: BMW 8 Series: This is the production version of the BMW CS Concept, a 4 door coupé, very luxurious and comfortalbe but fast with its BMW V12 engine.
BMW M flagship: BMW Z8: Even if ther is no M badge, this car is an M car, a lightweight fast coupé-convertible with only 2 seats, and probably a specially developped V10, from the M5 F10.
If Scott confirmed this I'd be happy, but alas, I think it's wishful thinking on your part,

the BMW 8 series, will at best be the 6 series Gran Coupe (I hope)

the i8 seems confirmed,

but the 'Z8' is only a rumour, at best.