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Originally Posted by Chips335d View Post
What's next? No F30 335d, let me guess, we'll get a hybrid.
Haha we will get a hybrid.

To those saying it doesn't make sense that a bunch of forum posters are advising BMW product management and marketing, I couldn't agree more, even though I was one of the first people to show my disappointment in this move.

But think about this. Why does one spend north of $100,000 on a car?
  • Super luxury (ie. RR, Bentley, etc)
  • Super car (ie. Ferrari, Lambo, etc) or at least close to it (Audi R8)
  • Some sort of unique proposition (ie. electric powered, etc)
The BMW VED was of the last category. It would have M3 power with less than 4L per 100km fuel consumption. The only car that comes close to efficiency that in BMW's current lineup is the 320d ED Edition, which takes nearly 2x in its sprint to 60 mph. Put that unique blend of power and efficiency together, bundled with super car or futuristic design, and very good handling, and you have something that could sell for over $100,000.

I'm not saying going petrol is a bad business move, but it does get rid of some of the uniqueness, because consumption will go up. That's all.