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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by numba1guju View Post
imma say around the 100k mark
LOL. If only.
Originally Posted by E39hijinks View Post
I like how all of you are sitting behind a computer screen giving orders to BMW headquarters on how to market and produce their cars. Stunning!
Right? Of course, all these people know far better than BMW's entire marketing team. Man, shame on BMW for making stupid uninformed business choices.
Originally Posted by JoeyFiasco View Post
come on guys. if you can afford this car, i am sure you are not worried about fuel costs. the point of the concept was to develop BMW's efficiency technology initiatives and PR. the idea of the production car, is to make money for BMW.
+1 on both of those points. Nobody will care. This kind of car won't need great fuel efficiency to sell. If it's relatively economical compared to its competition then it'll be fine.
Originally Posted by antzcrashing View Post
you are wrong. people do give a crap about mileage - it is a status symbol now, people will love going around telling everyone their 200k BMW beats the prius in MPG and the M3 in 0-60. Take away the fuel efficiency and this car is nothing but a fancy paint job on an M3 - not worth 200K anymore, back to 100K value.
No, that's just stupid.
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