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Originally Posted by akhter View Post
lol couldn't agree more.

bunch of jokers without a clue in automotive marketing with strong opinions about a car they can't afford.

its not just about US either. people in asia (india/china/japan) will also prefer a petrol model. these guys are paying 100% tax on the car and don't give a cr4p about mileage.

i am sure the diesel one will follow after the petrol version.
lol i disagree with both of you, we are not sitting behind computers bashing BMW we are just saying it would have been a great idea if they kept the diesel engine.

I agree also that the majority would have enjoyed the petrol but thats only because not enough people have been exposed to the modern diesel engine. Once you are its hard to go back.

better idea would have been if both petrol & diesel would have come out.

but i agree with most people here, the whole concept of this car was it to be a super car that was "eco" lol, we aint talking about not being able to afford the tax or petrol, we are talking about the concept behind this whole project.