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Originally Posted by OdomPHD View Post
The diesel revolution will never get off the ground here in the US unless it gets good and "sporty" reviews that really catch the young American's eye. ... A HUGE boost to the diesel name and a way to break the old ideology. So why ... a gas burner. It seems counter productive to put advertising up for diesel models in the US and then throw away the diesel factor of this super car, which in my opinion would have been BMW's "diesel jewel." (edits added)
Originally Posted by OdomPHD View Post
BMW make(s) it's first super car, it's only competition for the Italian cars and others like the R8 etc., the ONE car that will get a huge amount of attention ...(edits added)

Originally Posted by maswastage View Post
What's so relevant about automatically losing about 50% of the car's fuel efficiency by switching to gasoline? So much for making a radical hyper efficient sports car.
Again -
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Now it's just another useless gasoline hybrid like all the others.
Let's hope that this huge missed opportunity doesn't render an otherwise ground-breaking effort as something more generic.

You guys are SOOOO right. A real opportunity for BMW to stake out a unique future and LEAD.
I hope that their marketing research indicated it would be stillborn in the US and thus cripple the product's viability, rather than the company losing some nerve.