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Originally Posted by OdomPHD View Post
WTF. The diesel revolution will never get off the ground here in the US unless it gets good and "sporty" reviews that really catch the young American's eye. So why in the name of God would BMW make it's first super car, it's only competition for the Italian cars and others like the R8 etc., the ONE car that will get a huge amount of attention....a gas burner.

It was planned as a diesel, but now...almost strictly for the US market (as it would seem)...they have altered their approach and have gone mainstream with this gorgeous car. Why? It seems counter productive to put advertising up for diesel models in the US and then throw away the diesel factor of this super car, which in my opinion would have been BMW's "diesel jewel." A HUGE boost to the diesel name and a way to break the old ideology.

Sometimes BMW just doesn't make sense. Either way though, this car will be a hit. No doubt in my mind.
Because as they say "The man with the gold makes the rules" no matter how idiotic those rules are. Better said, simple economics: Customer is king, you give customers what they want or you sink.
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